Asha Enzweiler Account Manager

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Asha is an Account Manager with Candace Ebert & Company. She is one of our many long-term employees. She has been with Candace through many adventures of growth over the years. Asha first began working for Candace as a receptionist/nanny (along with Chloe) at just 16.

With 10 plus years of hands-on experience in accounting, Quickbooks, and client relationships, we value her presence in the company. Asha brings energy and laughter that was missing for a while.

After getting married, Asha took a leave to focus on her family and raising her 3 children with her husband. In 2019, we were excited to have her return to our team, motivated and ready to juggle the balance of motherhood and a career.

When she's not busy attending to clients in the office, she enjoys spending her time with the family, close friends, and adventuring the outdoors. Asha loves to camp, mountain bike, ride motorcycles or hit the trail with her horse.

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