Candace Ebert CEO

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Candace Ebert brings over 16 years of business management and accounting experience to Candace Ebert & Company. Candace earned her degree in accounting in 2009 while working full time as The Business and Accounting Manager for a large scale firm in Scotts Valley.

In addition to her bachelor's degree, Candace holds other professional certifications and licenses in Insurance, Business, Human Resources, and various software applications. Candace is passionate about learning and is currently studying for her next big thing (which she isn't quite ready to unveil just yet)!

Candace received her first award at the age of 15, earning the Youth Entrepreneurship Award in Tacoma, WA for a tutoring business she started. This tutoring business was the second of 8 businesses that Candace founded. Some of those businesses were sold, merged, while others flat out failed. It is these failures and the mistakes that she has made, that have helped Candace to really understand what it takes today to survive in today's small business world The deep understanding along with our strategic approach to small business management is what makes Candace Ebert Company's advice so valuable to your company.

When she is away from the office, Candace enjoys traveling, surfing, skiing, and golfing with her husband and two sons.

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