Chloe Rigdon Bookkeeper

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Chloe likes to joke that she has been with Candace Ebert and Company the longest because she is Candace's younger sister, and as she says, she has been working for Candace since she was born. Chloe has been working for Candace Ebert and Company part-time since 2016.

Chloe is the firm's primary day-to-day bookkeeper, she takes on special projects, bank recs, and accounts receivable. While she wouldn't call bookkeeping her passion, she doesn't mind getting her hands dirty and will often take on the projects no one else wants to do.

Chloe and her husband Stephen were married in 2012 and immediately moved into an airstream trailer. Together they learned Spanish and have enjoyed traveling to Spanish-speaking countries for volunteer work.

Chloe lives in Washington state, just north of Seattle. She enjoys art, music, travel, movies, and camping.

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