Kayton Rivera Payroll Specialist

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Kayton is the Payroll Specialist for Candace Ebert and Company. Got a problem with your PTO? Need to submit a workers' comp audit? Have piles of EDD notices that need filling out? These are problems for him!

Before joining the CECO team, Kayton was a math tutor for 5 years with a passion for problem-solving and teaching. He has experience teaching basic counting for 2nd graders to teaching Multivariable Calculus for college students. Needless to say, he loves math!

Aside from his passion for math, Kayton has also been a musician since he was 11 years old. He was in the drumline for his high school marching band, as well as playing in some punk, funk, and jazz bands over the years. You can find some of his work on Spotify and iTunes (if you look hard enough).

Having a natural love of math and problem solving makes him a great asset to our Candace Ebert & Company Team.

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