Kristin Main Business Manager

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Kristin Main is the Business Manager at Candace Ebert & Company. Her responsibilities include maintaining client relations, sales tax, bookkeeping, financial reporting, and general business management.

Kristin is also an artist using visual art and writing to express her thoughts and view of life around her. Her art has often been described as surreal or dreamlike allowing the onlooker to find their very own connection to her paintings.

Having a creative side, as well as fantastic problem-solving skills, she is a chameleon that fits into many roles in the office.

Kristin also enjoys running, surfing, golfing, traveling to exotic places, and being involved in volunteer Bible education work where she gets the opportunity to speak Mandarin Chinese with her friends she has made around the world and locally.

Kristin values her place in this amazing team here at Candace Ebert and Company and is eager to make sure you feel like a valued client!

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