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I have been using Candace Ebert & Co. for the past five years. Candace and her team have managed all of our accounting with very little need for involvement on my end, leaving me free to develop my business and focus on my customers. I highly recommend Candace Ebert & Co. to anyone who owns a small business, and is seeking a knowledgeable, responsive and trustworthy accounting partner.

Robert J, Classic Throttle Aptos, CA

For the past 11 years we have contracted with Candace Ebert & Co. to provide Accounting Services for our automotive dealership. We have a full time accounting staff here at Canepa, yet we use Candace Ebert & Co. to oversee their work and assist with obtaining financing for our business operations while ensuring that we remain GAAP compliant. Candace and her team are on task and never miss a deadline. We highly recommend Candace Ebert & Co. for all your accounting needs, big or small.

Bruce Canepa, Canepa Scotts Valley, CA

Candace Ebert & Co. has been extremely accommodating to our needs both professionally and personally. We are grateful for the service, professionalism, experience and kindness provided by Candace and her team. They continually go above and beyond our expectations. We have unique payroll needs that most other places wouldn’t be willing to undertake yet they make their solutions fit our business needs. Everything from business accounting to personal taxes, they handle our accounting needs so we can focus on our business.

Deborah & Joel Trice, Computer Technical Specialist Prunedale, CA.

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