Information about our rates

Our rates are tailored to our varied clients' needs. We offer customized monthly accounting plans to fit your budget.

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Payroll Processing

  • Includes all tax deposits
  • Quarterly Tax Filing Reports (941, DE9, and DE9C) are at an additional monthly fee
  • Annual Reports and filings (940, and W2s) are at an additional annual fee
  • Payroll Processing starts at $700/per quarter

Sales Tax

  • Sales Tax Processing and Reports start at $550 per quarter

Individual & Business Tax Filings

  • Personal returns start at $1200 per year
  • Corporate returns start at $2,200 per year

**Since all tax situations are unique please call for a free rate quote and to discuss your particular tax situation. Please note, all corporate returns are completed by our local Santa Cruz CPA partner firm

Consulting, Financial Planning, Set Up, and Training

This service is best for customers who will use our services at the beginning or on-call basis and is billed at an hourly rate of $175/hour

Regular Maintenance of Bookkeeping

This is done on a case-by-case basis; rates vary on the complexity or liability assumed by the task. These rates generally include general ledger accounting, bank account maintenance, credit card reconciliations, and quarterly financial statements. Requires a minimum 1-year contract.

Currently, our monthly plans for bookkeeping-only services range from $500-$2,500 per month.

Full services Bookkeeping, Payroll, HR, and Business Management Services

Includes general ledger accounting, bank account maintenance, payable/receivable management, credit card maintenance, payroll, monthly financial statements, access to your bookkeeping file anywhere anytime day or night, inventory management and set up, HR Manuals, HR on-boarding, employee terminations and much much more.

Currently our business management services range from $1,000-$8,500 per month

**This service could potentially replace your in-house bookkeepers, and HR staff; it has for many of our clients.

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